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In accordance with the mission of Ministry of Agriculture to achieve globally competitive production, processing and marketing enterprises through socially acceptable, innovative and commercially-oriented agriculture, through sustainable management of natural resources of the country.

With ideal ecological factors, agriculture sector has always performed as a major economic force in Sri Lanka, making a significant contribution to the national economy, food security and employment. At the same time agriculture is the livelihood of the majority in the rural sector and plays a key role in alleviating rural poverty.


Market Knowledge & Trends

Organic Agriculture Sector

Aloe-Vera is a one of the succulent plant species which grows suitably in tropical climatic conditions. Cultivation of aloe-vera plant is primarily done for medicinal and agricultural uses all over the world. An aloe-vera plant generates

Organic Farming in Sri Lanka

The agricultural production system in Sri Lanka consists of two traditional and well-defined components. One is the plantation section, established during the colonial period, consisting of large units

Development of Organic Agriculture Sector

Organic production has considerable potential in our agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. However, the term organic has been widely misused in Sri Lanka without having very clear understanding about it

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